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Box Lunches 
Enjoy a delicious Croissant or a healthy wrap
Each box includes a Croissant or Wrap
With your choice of:
Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, or Roasted Vegetables
Also comes w/ Whole Fruit, Chips, 
Cookie & Beverage
Morning Star Catering Menu
Assorted Wraps Platter
Enjoy an assortment of Wraps Platter 
Each Platter includes an assortment of Turkey,Ham,
Roast Beef and Chicken Caesar Salad
Also comes with a choice of 2 Items
 Bowl of Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, or Fruit Salad
Tray of Cookies or Brownies, Chips
All Star Box Lunch Salads
Enjoy a delicious and healthy salad
Mix Green and Spinach Salad-$8.00 
Mix Green Chicken Salad-$10.00 
Mix Green and Grilled Vegetable Salad-$9.00 
Also comes w/ Chips, Cookie or Brownie, & Beverage
Salad Dressing Choices:
 Ranch, Blue Cheese, Balsamic, 
Raspberry Vinaigrette or Caesar

Buffet Lunch Entrees
Sliced Turkey and Gravy-$13.50 

Sliced Beef Sirloin with natural Au Jus Sauce-$13.50

Grilled Chicken with Spicy Pineapple Salsa-$13.50

Beef or Vegetable Lasagna-$11.50

Home Made Meat Loaf-$12.50

Flavorful Baked Lemon Pepper Chicken-$11.00

Ultimate Barbecued Chicken-$11.00

Choose one Salad Selection
Mix Greens with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, 
and Toasted Croutons 
(Your choice of dressings)

Caesar Salad 
with Parmesan Cheese and Toasted Croutons 

 Spinach Salad with Julienne Red Onions, Pecans, 
Bacon Bits and Mandarin Oranges
Served with a Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing 

Choose From one Starch and one Vegetable
Yukon Smash Potatoes 
with Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Bits 
Classic Rice Pilaf
Rosemary Roasted Red Potatoes
Whipped Sweet Potatoes
 Roasted Vegetables
Sautéed Green Beans
Grilled Asparagus garnished with Assorted Bell Peppers

​Desserts and Drinks
Assorted Tray of Cookies or Brownies
Pecan Pie or Key Lime Pie  - $1.50

Enjoy a gallon of:
 Sweet Tea 
Unsweetened Iced Tea
$6.50 per gallon

Bottled Water - $1.50

Don't forget to ask us about Vegetarian and Gluten free options. Not one to Pick off the standard menu. No Problem!! 
We are more than happy to customize a menu for you
Create Your Own Menu
Salad & Potato Bar
Enjoy a Mixed Green Salad and a Jumbo Baking Potato
Toppings Includes:
Sour Cream, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Cheese, Chives, Turkey, Chicken
Ham and Bacon Bites

Fajita Bar 
Make your Fajitas 
Served with chicken and beef, peppers, onions, sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, jalapenos and shredded cheese 
Served with  6-inch flour tortillas