About Us
Chef Ty B., Owner and Head Chef
Chef Ty B. is a native of Atantic City, New Jersey.  He has been in the hospitality industry for more than 34 years.  He gained most of his experience working in hotels, resorts and country clubs here in Charlotte, NC as well as various locations in South Jersey.  He was professionally trained at Vocational Schools in New Jersey.

Chef Ty B. believes in using on the freshest ingredients for every event.  His goal if for every event to have a farm straight to table feel.  He wants every guest to experience great tasting food that was made just minutes before they arrived. 

Welcome to Morning Star Catering! We are a small, independent catering company offering the best quality food prepared and served fresh in your home, banquet hall, stunning wedding or event venue. We offer a great food at affordable prices for breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as special events or weddings.  We love events from 10 guests up to more than 500 guests.  Our goal is to make your menu planning as stress-free as possible.  Call us today and speak with our friendly Catering Team to make an appointment or schedule a tasting!
  1. Owner / Head Chef
    Owner / Head Chef
    Chef Ty B.
    Owner and Founder of Morning Star Catering. With over 34 years of culinary experience, his passion and love for cooking can be tasted in his food.
  2. Event Manager / Planner
    Event Manager / Planner
    Miss Kim
    Event Manager and Planner, Miss Kim has over 18 years experience in catering, events and wedding planning. She has worked in hotels, resorts, conference centers and country clubs in Maryland, South Florida and most recently the Charlotte Area.
  3. Event Specialist
    Event Specialist
    Tynetta Boyd
    Event Specialist, Miss Tynetta has been with the MSC Team for 8 years. She has over 8 years of culinary prep experience. She ensures that our weddings and events run smoothly and seamlessly behind the scene.