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  1. Full Breakfast Buffet
    Fluffy Fresh Scrambled Eggs Fresh Baked Biscuits Please Select One: Warm fluffy Pancakes or Waffles Please Select Two Meats: Bacon, Turkey Bacon, Sausage, Grilled Ham or Grilled Turkey Please Select One: Hash Browns or Fried Potatoes Please Select One: Grits or Oatmeal Beverages Choice of Assorted Juices or Coffee and Tea @$11.50 ++ per person
  2. Continental Breakfast
    Assorted Muffins and Bagels Oatmeal or Grits Assorted Juices  Or   Coffee or Tea @$9.50 ++ per person
  3. Assorted Breakfast  Sandwiches 
    Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Ham Sausage or Turkey Served on Biscuit or Croissant Juice or Coffee @$9.50 ++ per person
  4. Healthy Start Fruit Platter
    Healthy Start Fruit Platter
    Small-Feeds up to 20 Guest-$40.00++ ​Medium-Feeds up to 70 Guest-$60.00++ ​Large-Feeds up to 100 Guest-$115.00++
  5. Waffle Station
    Delicious Waffles Served w/  One choice of One Meat Sausage, Bacon, Turkey Bacon, or Ham Powdered Sugar and Syrup Apples or Berry Toppings Comes w/ Orange Juice @ $9.00 ++ per person
  6. Cook to Order Omelet Station
    Have your Omelet Cooked to Order Choice of  Ham Bacon Sausage Turkey Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions $10.50 ++ per person
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